Heirloom stool....

I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I don't decorate with just anything...the "stuff" I decorate with has to be things I love or heirloom pieces! 

A few years ago I picked up a couple of stools and dolled them up a bit and featured here.

The one I liked most was the one with the birdies...but every time I wanted to open a kitchen drawer I had to move it. So I sold that one and have been using the yellow stool.

But this past Christmas, when I was hauling decorations out of my packed attic, I spied an old stool that had belonged to my great-grandfather. I believe it was the stool he used at his drafting table. I have had it for years but it was in pretty bad shape, so I had stuck it in my attic and pretty much forgot about it.

I finally hauled it down to the garage and decided to give it a little makeover. The first thing I had to do was strip and oil the oak base using this process.  

I had a little leftover fabric from this chair project so I decided to use it to recover the seat. 

Did I take a "before" picture...um...no. Just imagine...old, dated, well used.

The upside is it fits perfectly under the kitchen drawers. Now I can use this precious family heirloom! 

Oak is not my style...but anything that belonged to family is...another "thing I love."


I want to take a minute to wish my precious, beautiful, smart, funny, talented youngest daughter a very happy 19th birthday...I can't believe you are entering your last year of teenhood! I have no doubt this next year will be as amazing as the last 19! You make a mama very happy and proud!