Another mid-century chair....

I don't know too many people who would see this ratty old chair and swoon....

...but swoon I did. And to make it even better, there were TWO of them! Yes, two.

Katie TRIED to claim them both but I had to keep one for myself! 

The cushions are the original black naugahyde, which is super common on mid century chairs. Fortunately they were in pretty good shape...not perfect but close enough! 

All I did to both chairs was strip and oil using this process, scrubbed and applied Armor All to the cushions, and BAM....BEAUTIFUL!!!

I told Litty to move so I could take pictures and even nudged her with my foot. One thing about cats...they don't mind well! (A friend told me they had mice...I told him to get a cat...he told me he didn't like cats...I told him the cat wouldn't care!)

Someday I will actually learn to use my camera so you can really see the amazing grain detail in these pieces!! Beautiful!

One of the chairs had a little "boo-boo" on the back...a little glue and some clamps fixed it right up! No biggy! DO NOT be afraid of a sturdy piece of furniture that needs a little repair...if you take the time to do a little "google" search and watch a few Youtube videos, you can pretty much repair anything properly! 

Soooo....I kept one and one went to Little Sister's new condo. Next week I hope to share the desk I made her, the tufted chair we upholstered and a super cool coffee table she refinished! Her first place is shaping up to be super cute and this little chair was an awesome addition!

Until next week....