The Birdies on a light fixture or lamp shade!

I received several positive comments about the little bird pillows featured here!  They really are darling.  I took the pillows I featured to my booth and then made two more for my den. 

I also painted the bird silhouettes on my laundry room wall...featured here. ( I would like to add...this laundry room reveal has been "pinned" and featured a BUNCH!!!  Awesome!)

When I spotted this little light fixture on clearance at Lowe's, I just knew it would be perfect for the bird silhouettes!  Simple metal base and a linen shade. The metal was "antique bronze"... not my favorite but an easy fix! (Kind of makes me wish I hadn't already set my heart on the fixture I already installed in the laundry room! )

I painted the base black. Since it is metal I first sprayed it with the auto primer and then two coats of gloss black.

If you can't easily remove the shade, make sure you tape it off REAL well! 

Then the tricky part....painting the birds on the shade.

This post gives you a step by step tutorial on painting on fabric. As I mentioned, if you screw up or get this paint on the fabric, it is NOT coming off.  Painting on a round shade is NOT easy.  So get comfy and take your time.  I basically used the same exact process I used to paint on the fabric for the pillows!

Somehow, by the grace of God, I managed to paint the silhouettes without messing it up!

I painted a silhouette on each side of the shade.  When I hung it in my booth, you can see the birds from both sides...AWESOME!!

Dressing up a basic fixture or updating light fixtures is NOT hard.  Often it costs way less than going out and buying new fixtures.  Here I featured exterior lights I purchased at a garage sale for $ glass, a little elbow grease and a little good, or better, than new!!  

Don't stop at light fixtures...updating old lamps and paddle fans can give new life to out-dated or boring fixtures! Check out how easy a little "make-over" can be here!

And if you don't know how to take down an old fixture or install a new one, just check out my tutorial here.  It is not hard and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!