Not your plain ole' high chair!!!

This is one of my favorite projects for so many reason.  

First, I love doing "kid's" stuff...chairs, desks, dressers...anything kids would love!  

Second, it was free.  Well, the CHAIR was free...the materials and time were a little excessive!  But I love the way it turned out so it was worth it! Truthfully, if I paid myself by the hour on the items I repurpose/reupholster/refinish and then sell, I would make about $1.32 an hour...not sure I would even clear that on this chair!

This was another "abandoned" piece I found at my apartments. 

And it was N.A.S.T.Y!


Every square inch was covered in nasty gunk!!!  But other than the tear in the seat (Duck tape? Seriously?) it was structurally sound. And super neat.... the top of the chair lifts off the base...and the base can be flipped over and used as a desk with a dry-erase top...nifty little thing.

Since the tray was missing and it probably is no longer considered "high chair safe" I decided to spruce it up and make it into a little child's booster chair!  Definitely not something you would want to put your toddler in and leave unattended, but sturdy enough for a young child! 

First I removed the seat and back and the old tray brackets. 

Then I had to clean it!  I put it in the tub and saturated it with straight ammonia....

The nastiness just melted off.  I can not tell you how disgustingly filthy this thing was and I am sick that someone would put their child in it...just gross.

After scrubbing it with ammonia and steal wool, I let it dry thoroughly and then gave it the ole' KSTP treatment...Kilz, sand, tack cloth and paint.  

I decided to spice the frame up a bit with bright red paint. I used a black and white damask with red piping on the cushions. The seat was pretty thin so I added a little foam padding before recovering it. 

I painted the dry erase board on the base with chalkboard paint! I'm kind of addicted to that stuff!

Just darling.  I just love anything that is "unique."

And while it really isn't safe to use as a high chair, it would make a perfect "kitchen helper."