More wood window decor....

Recently I featured the old wood windows I have repurposed here.

They are a really neat design element if you can get your hands on a few.  Not terribly difficult to repurpose since there isn't much you could do to "enhance" them.  I just put a little paint on them, distressed a bit, reinstalled the glass and put on a chain to hang it!  The hardest part is getting the old glass out, but you really wouldn't even have to do that!

I bought a wreath to hang over the one on my porch.


I wasn't sure I really "loved" the look of the original's pretty, but seemed a bit "heavy" for the window.  So I went back and got the "lighter" wreath...


Not a humungus difference but one I like a lot better.

This is a prime example of decorating with what you LOVE.  I didn't LOVE the first wreath, but I do this one.  And while most wouldn't even notice the difference, I did...every time I looked at my front porch! 

So if you don't LOVE what you have done, change it!  Having something in your world that isn't what you really LOVE is like having a chipped will bug you until you do something about it! (My roots can be showing, my clothes are a mess...but I can get real bent about a!)

Kaitlyn took one of the windows home and she is going to do some kind of paint technique on the glass.  I can't wait to see what she does...very crafty girl!  And my daughter Sarah has a window waiting for her that I painted black.  She is going to feature it in their remodeled game room!  And I just thought this stained one was kinda "interesting" behind my swing!

I've made a couple of cork boards out of a few of them.  They will be in my mall booth.  I'll make sure I post pictures when I get it all set up!

Hopefully THIS week.  Today is "organizing and pricing" day...I am exhausted from yesterday but there is much work to be done before the grand opening Saturday!

I am SOOOOOO excited!

So stay tuned...more inspiration to come!