Midtown Eclectic Mall...only FOUR DAYS UNTIL OPENING!

The last few days have been hectic....moving stuff in, setting up, organizing.  Craziness.  I have filled TWO booths and have a third "overflow."  Just too much "stuff."  As Brian has pointed out on more than one occasion, I seriously need to learn "moderation." 

Today I have to get everything that is there organized and priced.  As much work as this is, I am excited about this new "venture."   


Right now I have a lot of things just "crammed" into the space...so there is much work to be done!

I can't thank my family enough for all the help they have given.  Loading and unloading, organizing, advice!  Yesterday Katie spent the day hauling boxes and labeling a few things.  She even walked over and picked up a few tacos for lunch.  Only 20 more days and she can DRIVE over and get us lunch...scary thought!!!  But she is awesome and I was soooo grateful she spent the day with me!

I hope to get the majority of the displaying and pricing done today!  We open on Saturday and I do have a REAL job that requires my time and attention.  Yesterday I worked in the booth until 2ish and then I had to go empty out an apartment and mow and weed eat.  Needless to say I was EXHAUSTED when I got home last night...definitely a pizza night (thank you Matt and Kaitlyn!) 

We watched the replay of my oldest son's football game.  Mitchell is a backup QB for the San Jose Saber Cats.  He played the entire second half Saturday night and since I slept through the game (dang time difference) I didn't get to see it.  So we watched it last night and even though they lost, it was great fun watching him play!   I miss him terribly, but I know he is doing something he loves!  What more can a mama ask for! 

Also, my son Matt passed the written commercial flight test yesterday...scored a 95.  YEAH MATT!!!  So proud of him.  My only concern are the few he missed....I mean seriously, do you want to be on a plane and find out that the reason you are getting ready to crash is because the pilot didn't know THAT question on the test...lol!!!   

Busy, busy week....isn't life wonderful! 

BTW, speaking of life, I had an epiphany yesterday...LIFE should not be stressful.  MOMENTS are certainly stressful but if your entire life is stressful and you are always feeling overwhelmed, something is wrong...and I'm inclined to believe it is more of an "attitude" thing.  We only get one life...and it's way to short to walk around feeling completely overwhelmed!