What the heck...a table, a podium, a bird?

When I took the "before" picture I put it in a file titled "preacher's table." I honestly had no idea what you would use this table for...it has casters and a tilted top...but it is too short to be a "podium"......huh?  

But then it dawned on me...THE KITCHEN!!! A cookbook table.  Awesomeness!!!!

You can put your cookbook (or Ipad) on the top, roll it next to your prep area and not take up valuable countertop space!  And it is a PERFECT place to store cookbooks and other baking and cooking knick-knacks! It's even a perfect height for a large mixer!

I considered doing a "plaster paint" treatment on it, but ended up going with a high gloss red...it just seemed "kitcheny"...and matches my Better Homes and Garden cookbooks!  

Sand, Kilz, sand, tack, paint, sand, tack, more paint.  I know that seems like a labor intensive process, but for me, I like the results...so it is worth every minute! Provided someone is willing to pay ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for this little table...lol!!!  JUST KIDDING!  But seriously, if you will pay that, give me a call!

I bought these little pineapple bookends at an auction...they were kind of a muckaly black (yeah, that is a color)...so I hit them with some Kilz and gloss white paint...PRETTY!!!

The jars...Oh My!  I have developed this "thing" for old jars.  I sat at an auction last Monday for FIVE HOURS just waiting on a few jars...seriously, they were like the second to the last thing to sell...grrr.  And then some lady bid some unreasonable amount for "choice."  I ended up with three decent ones and two chipped ones.  Dang it!  

But trust me...I won't be lacking in jars when we set up the booth!

The opening of the new "mall" (Midtown Eclectic MALL) was pushed back to this Saturday.  I finished the pergola I built over our spaces...it is awesome.  And I found a gorgeous walnut board with a huge swirly knot right smack in the middle...it is seriously beautiful!  Since my neighbor and I are going in together, I can't have a sign that says "Beckwith's Treasures" so I painted "Timeless Treasures" on it....I sanded it, coated it with oil a few times and painted the wording with plaster paint.  Then I sanded it again so it would look "aged." It is really awesome

The bad news...I have too much stuff!!!  Yesterday we started loading stuff in and I honestly could use ANOTHER space...and I'm not doing that!  So this morning I have to go back and take a bunch of furniture home...to my garage...where my truck is SUPPOSE to be...but hasn't been for months!

The good news...IF something sells, I will have something else to put in its place immediately!  Hopefully I will get my garage back before the next snow.

I am thoroughly convinced I could NEVER be a hoarder...drives me crazy!