Pull up a chair...and another...and another...

I have a thing about chairs...and tables...unfortunately, I am running out of room.  But I can't help myself...I see an old battered and abused chair and I KNOW it can be beautiful again.

A few of these you have seen...but I thought I would share a few more.  As I have mentioned before, I was DIYing before it became vogue so I have many pieces I don't even have "before" pictures of...I just brought them home and did my thing....


I think I bought this little guy at a garage sale for $5.  Can't even remember what kind of fabric it had on it, but I bought it when I was remodeling my youngest son's room after he went off to college (it was the last room to get laminate...hence the green carpet)  The oak frame was in pretty bad shape, but a little cleaning, stripping and tung oil spruced it right up and the alligator vinyl is just awesome!

Another apartment find...I remember it had orange vinyl and was in pretty bad shape...walnut maybe?  Again, strip and oil!  The seat was VERY uncomfortable so I added 4" foam and batting.  I expected the fabric to be "funky and whimsical" but it actually turned out kind of nifty looking and is perfect in my den!  What was really interesting about this chair was the little plaque I found on the underside....


Every piece has a story...I just wonder how this little guy made it all the way to Arkansas from a bank in Galveston, Texas!


I told you at one time my taste was more "traditional."  I loved antiques....I bought a mahogany dining set at an antique store 18 years ago...I think it is all I have left of "that phase."  I have six of these chairs and the table...absolutely beautiful wood. I know a lot of people are painting these now, but I just can't! Over the years I have stripped and oiled them and just recently changed the seat cushions...again.  Nice thing about these chairs...the seat fabric are easy to change when your style changes!  I keep eying the "mid century modern" sets floating around but I'm just not ready to turn loose of this set! Yet!


I found this nasty little oak creature when we were cleaning out a house...a little cleanup, Kilz and green and white paint and it is now a sweet little desk chair at Kaitlyn's!  Sometimes you have to be willing to look past the grunge!


I have no idea where this chair came from.  I do know it has been in my attic since I moved here 13 years ago, and I remember moving it around for many years prior to that!   When I remodeled my office, I searched high and low for the perfect chair! 


One day I found this lurking in the back corner of my attic and I pulled it down with the intention of cleaning it up and painting it.  But after stripping away all the nastiness I found a beautiful mahogany chair...so I put 4 coats of tung oil on it and recovered the seat....sometimes the very treasures we are looking for are hiding behind our Christmas decorations...lol!


There was a reason this chair was 1/2 off at a thrift store...but I saw potential!  And I think it had a little!  ( I will not mention the horrendous mistake I made during the construction of the cushion because no one but me probably notices that a very important element of the fabric design is JUST ALL WRONG and is the perfect example of mistakes one can make even when they are being VERY careful and SOMEDAY when I have an extra 4 hours to spare I will redo the cushion...until then, I just keep hoping nobody notices!  Grrrrrrr! )

I have posted these along the way...but they are just reminders of my obsession with chairs.  And it doesn't stop inside.  In my yard I have built two swing pergolas, one large patio pergola and have started collecting the old metal lawn chairs from the 50s and 60s...I may be constantly moving, but when it is time to plant it, I want something awesome to plant it on!!!!

office corner.jpg
houndstooth before.png
houndstooth after.jpg

And last but certainly not least, my dad's walnut chair.  It is currently sitting in the corner of my room and 


every day I look at it and wonder what upholstery will do it justice.  I've looked for fabric several times and I just haven't found "it."  I will...one day a fabric will just "jump out at me."  And it will be perfect.  Until then.....

Doing a project "right" is about being patient...taking your time..sometimes waiting for the inspiration!