Jewelry shine....

I found this awesome recipe for jewelry cleaner on line...wish I could remember where I saw it but it was one of those things I printed off and keep in my recipe scrapbook (awesome idea for all those "pinterest recipes"...I will share sometime!)  

It is super easy and a great way to shine up your rings!  

Boil 1 cup of hot water in the microwave.

Put a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of a bowl.

Pour in hot water.  Add 1 tablespoon of salt, baking soda and dish detergent. Put jewelry on of the aluminum foil and let it soak for 5-10 minutes.  Then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.  If mine are really dirty, I take an old toothbrush to them...then rinse and dry!

HINT:  DO NOT TRY TO RETRIEVE THE RINGS FROM THE BOWL OVER YOUR KITCHEN SINK!  Again, I do not tell you these things because I THINK something bad might happen.  After unsuccessfully trying to dig a family heirloom ring out of the garbage disposal, I finally had to take the entire thing apart....and of course the disposal was 13 years old so while I had the entire thing disconnected I might as well put in a new one...and of course all the hoses were old...those needed replacing.....

All because my rings were a tad dingy.  

Live and learn!