Just another week in paradise....

Me: I lost my truck key but I have the VIN number and need a new one cut.

Dealer Dude: Okay, the key is $177.

Me: I expected it to be pretty pricey.

Dealer Dude: After we cut the key you will have to bring the truck in so we can program it.

Me: Will the key start the truck?

Dealer Dude: No

Me: Then how do I get the truck here to program the key?

Dealer Dude: You will have to have it towed in.

Me: So I have pay to have it TOWED? 

Dealer Dude: Yes, and there will be a $60 charge to program it.

Me: So I have to pay $177 for the key, the cost to tow the truck AND $60 to program it.

Dealer Dude: Yes

Me: (Not something I want to admit saying on my blog.)

Suffice it to say, I had no transportation Wednesday and sat around waiting on Waste Management to call me back to see if MAYBE I inadvertently dropped my keys in the recycle bin that was picked up first thing in the morning. I finally conceded and called a guy to come to my home and cut a new key. Fortunately, I decided to take one more walk around the yard. And there they were...on the brick ledge right where I had laid them. A day of frustration !

I would also like to add that while I have always prided myself in keeping a clean house, I pray no one ever looks under the furniture. N.A.S.T.Y!

My life.

On the upside, I made good progress on my entry. And just for the sake of healing time, I am grateful the travertine tile and new stair treads will not be in until next week! 

Sheetrock repair is done and all the paint is done. The switches may have to wait until Thanksgiving when my SIL comes...makes my brain hurt just looking at all those wires!

I am still debating whether I will just put down new trim or if I want to go all out and add wainscoting or board and batten. I can't decided and since it is the last thing to be done, I think I will wait until the new flooring is down and the stairway is reconstructed before I decide on trim and lighting.

I have finished several pieces lately, and even managed to remember to take a few before AND after pictures...so I will share those in the next few weeks. Until then, I am going to enjoy a weekend with ALL my babies....Sarah is coming in for her birthday and Mitchell is headed home for a short visit!