First, I blame it all on my realtor, John. He was the one who pointed out that my little entry was a bit "tight." Seriously, up until then I never really noticed it, but once it was pointed out I have done nothing but obsess about it for over a year.

Then there is Chip Gaines...yes, Chip from "Fixer Upper." He always seems so pumped about demo day! And if he can demo an entire house in one day, how hard could it be to demo one little ole' closet?

Both of them should come give me a massage and hold the ice pack on my injured leg...and bruised arm...and wrenched back. When a 52 year old woman falls off a ladder onto the stairs and a 2x4 with 12 penny nails sticking out of it, there is going to be some pain! 

Not that I don't demo all the time...I am forever having to rip up subfloors at the older apartments. People let water rot bathroom floors and then there are the animals tenants are trying to hide, so they never take them outside. One guess as to where they do their "business." Trust me, there is NOTHING that will get months of animal urine out of wood subfloors! 

The difference is, this is my home. And I live here and I don't want all the saw dust and sheet rock dust and mess all over the house. 

Want in one hand, poo in the other...see which gets full faster. (Again, dad's words of wisdom!) 

So my plan was to remove the entry coat closet. Seriously, NO ONE in this family hangs their coats in that was filled with stuff that had not seen the light of day for YEARS!

After obsessing over this for over a year, I was pretty sure I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. But as with all projects, there are always the unexpected. Like that pesky electrical wiring that feeds the light switches and the living room fan. Matt and I discussed wrapping it in Washi tape and starting a new "trend" by leaving them hanging.

But I am not a trend setter so I moved the wiring. A few other small issues....I can't get the outlet wire down the outside wall because of the insulation and the wires for the switches are too short so I will have to create a "junction box" in the attic and run new, longer wiring.

I also discovered that the "header" for the opening actually sat on the outside corner of the closet. This means I have to crawl up in the attic and scab in a new header. Curses. Is it a "must do?" Kinda...since the roof rafters and wall framing all sit on that header and it now is just suspended in mid-air with no support...yeah, I kinda have to do something with it. 

OH. MY. GOODNESS! I think home remodeling is like giving forget what a nightmare it can be. If we REALLY remembered the pain and hassle we would only have one kid and NEVER do any remodeling to our homes! 

Sooooo, after two days of back breaking work, all I have to show for it are a few missing walls and a bunch of short wires hanging out of the wall. And of course dust and insulation ALL over my house!!!

One thing I have always wanted is an entry space that would allow me to "stage" a little table. It just so happens I recently acquired a small walnut table that was once my grandparent's. While it is not really "my style" it is my first love on two heirloom piece and walnut. It will fit perfectly in this space if I ever get it finished!

I am mulling over installing board and batten on the walls, but I know without a doubt I want travertine tile on the floors. Hardwood is NOT something you want next to an exterior door!

Once this project is finished, but before the new flooring, I want to make some modifications to my stairway. 

This is my "inspiration" from Remodelaholics!

I am not going to rebuild the post or change the stain...just expand the bottom 2 steps and move the post up. Simple project...remove the post, replace the bottom two treads with wider boards, cut down the bannister and remove a few newel posts, reinstall the post, stain it all to match. No biggy. HA!!!! 

Eventually I want to paint the living room walls and restain the treads, risers and railings....but that's a whole nuther project!!

But it is progress. This kind of mess and disorder would have driven me nuts years ago, but I am coming to terms with the fact that I can't move as fast as I use to

Hopefully next week I will have a finished project to share...but no promises!