Dining room table makeover and my recent angst!!!!

Choosing fabric for a piece for "resale" is a tad easier for me than when I have to make a decision for my own home! It is still a struggle, but not nearly as difficult as choosing a fabric for myself.

Primarily because I know how much work goes into reupholstering a piece and I know if I go too "trendy" I will end up having to redo it in a few years. It is one reason I "stay safe" with bigger pieces like couches and chairs...then I use throw pillows, blankets and rugs to pull in the "in" colors. Those things are easy to change...and I don't cringe too much if I have to donate a $15 pillow vs. a $2000 couch! 

Example...I bought this ugly table and chair set at an auction....

In this condition, not appealing in the LEAST and not fit for any space...very dark and dated! But this is the kind of thing I know I can work a little "DIY magic" and make it perfect for another lifetime of use!

Not that I don't struggle with deciding paint colors and fabric for these pieces...this one sat for a while. I knew I would have to paint the top...it is laminate so it couldn't be "refinished." The legs on the table and the chairs are solid wood and in halfway decent shape but the vinyl brown seats had seen better days....that had to go!

I chalkpainted and distressed the table legs, primed and painted the top a flat black and painted the chairs a "steel blue." I found an awesome black/grey tweed upholstery fabric for the seats.

I saw several tables on Pinterest with this upholstery nailhead detailing and knew immediately I wanted to do it when I found the perfect table...and this table is perfect!

That little detail really makes all the difference, was relatively inexpensive (about .50 each!) and was not difficult. I just measured and marked where I wanted each nailhead to go, drilled a tiny hole, then hammered them into place! Cute as a bug's ear!

Obviously someone else thought it was cute as a bug's ear...it sold the day after we took it to 410 Vintage.

Which brings me to my recent angst! Chairs for my own home!!! 

When I remodel my den last year, I knew I wanted to add a teal club chair. I bought this little MCM style chair a year ago and it has sat in my den since, waiting on time and inspiration! It is the perfect size and style for this space, but of course the upholstery is all wrong!

I finally went to the fabric store last week and pulled a bunch of fabric samples that caught my eye. I THINK I have decided I like this teal tweed fabric. This fabric works well with the style of the chair and is pretty much the color I was leaning towards.

I found this chair just last week and I THINK I want to use it to replace my big fat leather chair in the living room!

It is a tad more "traditional" than what I really like but that is okay...again, that is the great thing about having a mosh-pot of styles...or "eclectic" as they say!

One of the reasons I want to replace this chair is because it has become "the dog's chair." In other words, Cleo has claimed it as her own. She sleeps in it, sits in it and jumps on it when anyone comes to visit her (and EVERYONE is coming to visit HER!) As a result, it is in pretty bad shape.

So naturally, she has to check out the new chair to make sure it is comfortable FOR HER!

Not nearly as roomy as the leather chair, but she looks pretty comfy!

Again, fabric samples and nail biting choices....

I kinda sorta like the idea of doing a "two fabric" design. The grey geo on the sides and back, and the black for the cushion. But then again, I worry about being "trendy" with something that is going to require a lot of time and work, so I am leaning towards the simple, one fabric choice in blue. 

What to do, what to do. For now I am taking my own advise. Looking to Pinterest and Google search for "inspiration."  Looking for chair upholstery I LOVE that will work with this style and in my space! 

It is the ONLY way I know how to make a decision and know it will be one I will be happy with for many years.