FINALLY, a chair before and after!!!

I say FINALLY because as I have mentioned I have "upholstery block."  I can pick paint, I can pick stain...but I have the toughest time picking out upholstery.  Which is becoming a real problem because I have all these chairs in my garage that need upholstery work! 

Anywho, I finally picked an upholstery for these little mid century style slipper chairs.... 

I was a little hesitant to go with something so "funky."  But fact is, I don't think these chairs have a tremendous "value" so it was a perfect opportunity to do something fun with a style I love!  When I found a "'50's Paris" themed fabric at Hobby Lobby, I decided to go for it.   Who wouldn't love the Eifel Tower, 50's fashion and PINK???!!!

The legs were oak...sturdy but not my favorite, so I didn't have a problem painting them....a little primer and black satin spray paint.  I added a little batting but otherwise they were in pretty good shape!  And really comfy! The chair didn't originally have any piping, but I added a little black around the base of the seat. 

I found a black and white diamond pattern fabric I am going to make little pillows out of of...eventually.  I stuck my houndstooth pillow on there just to see how it would look...not so great, but I think the diamond pattern will look awesome!

Personally, I think they are pretty cute...we'll see if they sell...