Easy recipe book....

I love recipes.  I've collected a lot of recipe books over the years, including one my mother received as a wedding gift in 1961....a church recipe book.  It is awesome!  Best peanut butter cookie recipe EVER!

My uncle inherited my Grandmother's recipes and I brought them home and scanned EVERYTHING....every handwritten recipe, every newspaper and magazine clipping, every box recipe.  Anything she had in her recipe boxes, I scanned.  Someday I plan on making a recipe book with all the scans...someday.  They have been on my computer for over two years...but someday. 

So when I started cruising Pinterest I wanted to keep ALL the recipes that sounded even remotely good.  But I discovered that sometimes when you pinned a link, it was no longer there when you went back later.  So I had to find a way to organize all the recipes. 

I started printing them off, tacking them to the refrigerator and then if we liked them, I would put them in a "recipe book." 

I found the easiest way to do this was to "cut and paste" the recipe into an email, email it to myself and then print it off.  If it passed the family taste test, I would slip it into my recipe book. 

The book is a simple scrapbook with the little clear sleeves with paper inserts...50% off at Hobby Lobby.  I can add additional pages to it when I need to and the sleeves make it easy to slip the recipes in and keep them from getting cruddy when I splatter stuff on them.  

If I am feeling creative I will put holiday scrapbook paper in place of the white paper inserts.  

Pinterest and the internet are loaded with awesome recipes...and I really believe the secret to being a good cook is the willingness to try new recipes, even if you need to change them up a bit! 

Keeping up with all those recipes can be daunting and most of us rarely have the time to write them down on nice little cards and file them in nice little boxes like our mothers and grandmothers did.

Print, trim and slip....easy.