Life busyness.......

Life is always interesting around here. 

I always tell my kids, "bored" is a state of mind and in my opinion a NEGATIVE attitude.  

I am never alone...even when I am by myself. 

So last week, my house AC went out.  I noticed I had the thermostat set on 74 and it was 80 degrees in the house.  So I called Brinker Heating and Air.  Their son played ball with my son for years...I believe in using my "network." 

After two days of testing, they delivered the bad news...both the compressor AND the coils were bad.  So Friday they installed the new AC and coils while I called my stock broker.  The one month of retirement I had stocked away took a hit.  I can now retire for 2 weeks.   

My youngest daughter Katie turns 16 this Sunday.  WHERE DID THE TIME GO!  Saturday, Brian and I spent most of the day shopping for cars.  I forget she is EIGHT YEARS younger than Matt, so the car I want at the price I want to pay no longer exists....well, it exists, it is just very old and has a lot of miles!  Big time bummer!  

Truth is, every one of my older children somehow managed to score a nicer and newer car than I drove...and it is looking like that may end up being the case for Katie.  Older, cheaper cars won't finance for very long and you risk major repairs with no warranty.  Newer cars will finance longer and often have warranty left.  What to do, what to do.  

Never fails...I always seem to get the car salesmen who have serious issues with their hearing....I give them a specific make, specific range in years and specific price.  Is that what they show, no.  What the heck! 

Sarah and my two grandsons came up for a visit Thursday night. Did I mention I am never alone.  But it is always fun to spend time with them.  I have long sense come to terms with my oldest daughter living 2 1/2 hours away but it just seems I get to see less and less of her these days.  But I completely is tough when you have two boys pulling you in a million directions!  I have learned that if I want to spend time with my kids, I have to enter THEIR world.  So I am always grateful when they can get up here for a brief visit! 

Yesterday I drove Katie around to pick up job applications.  She is really excited that she can start working in one week! A 16 year old who WANTS to!  That is amazing. 

Yesterday was also Kaitlyn's birthday so tonight we are having her birthday dinner!  She requested fried chicken...YUM!  One of my favorites and one I rarely cook anymore since Katie doesn't eat meat and it is usually just Brian and I.  

Just basic life busyness around here!  I am still working on a few projects.  I need to sell some things to make room for more I am slow pacing myself at this point. 

But there are a few things I want to share and I hope to get those posted this week!!