Getting ready to go retail....

Wow...getting ready to go "retail" is a LOT of hard work.  I have been going to auctions and garage sales every weekend.  And if I was a hoarder, I would be in deep doody  because there is a whole world of really nifty stuff out there.

I have tried to focus on things others will LOVE!  I know I love most of what I bought...but since it is all piled in my garage and I have NO place to put it, I won't have a problem parting with it.

This weekend I scored big time on July 4th and Christmas decorations, a big mirror, frames, planters, milk glass, candle name it, I found it!  Anything I can find that I think is wonderful, at a price that hopefully will let me make a few pennies...or at least break even!!!  I don't plan on getting rich on this little endeavor.  Again, I need an outlet for my creative juices and it is wonderful to find things I know others will take home and LOVE!

And honestly, this gives me an excuse to do something I use to love to do...go to auctions!!!  I forgot how much fun they are!  Even Brian has gotten into it so it is something else he and I can do together....that is always the BEST part of any hobby...sharing it with your best friend! And Matt, my youngest son, comes when he is free!  Family fun!

I have found a few pieces of furniture that are inexpensive enough for me to put my "spin" on.  It is hard to pay a premium for a piece of furniture and then come home and put a lot of money and hours into it.  I probably devalue my time and labor way too much, but when I go out and buy $100 worth of upholstery for a little ottoman it makes it tough to sell it for $75...especially when it took me all day to recover it!

So I have to be very careful when bidding on and buying furniture. I found a wonderful Duncan Phyfe table that would have been beautiful...but the top was in pretty bad shape and I knew it needed a great deal of time and attention!  So I set a max in my mind and I tried not to groan too loudly when it sold for $15 above my maximum! But I knew if I paid more than that, I would NEVER recoup my time and expense.  

I also have to be very cognizant of what buyers want vs. what I personally like.  I am not that big into the shabby chic/plaster paint thing...but I know the buyers love it.  

This oak chair is a prime example.  Kinda dated before so I knew I would have to do something with it...

When I first started my plan was to prime, paint with high gloss black and then recover in a black and white damask...very "formal."

But I had to do some sanding on the paint coat and before I knew it, it had a "shabby chic" flair that everyone LOVES!

So there you have it...a little shabby chic chair flair!  

I already featured the 3-legged table with the plaster paint legs...but I also have a nifty little oak table and a few other projects I will share over the next few weeks as I get ready to fill my booth!

Course at this point, I think I have enough to fill an entire store...not just a booth.  Typical some point I will learn moderation...or just quit going to to auctions and stopping at garage sales....because honestly, I am running out of room in my garage!!!!

Love this fabric!