Checkers anyone?

This was my first real experiment with plaster paint.  I wasn't quite sure what I was doing and honestly the checkboard pattern was kind of an after thought...I knew I wanted something on the top, just not sure what!

I picked this little guy up at the thrift store.  I wanted something that was solid but inexpensive. Something I could feel comfortable experimenting on.  You should never "experiment" on something expensive or a family heirloom!

Honestly, it turned out kinda cute...and again, everybody LOVES it!  I probably could have sold it several times over but I want it in the flea market!  (God forbid we should actually sell something NOW! Let's keep it stuffed in the garage with all the other stuff!)

I bought a few little pots of sample paint at Lowes and used a "homemade" recipe for plaster/chalk paint I found on the interent.  While most people "wax" after doing a chalk or plaster paint, I am sticking with a clear coat poly for now....eventually I will give the furniture wax a shot.

I am currently using the plaster paint on some frames, a plant stand and another little table.  I like it but I'm not sure I find it much easier than spray paint...I'm kind of perfectionist and this paint is just...well...different.  But I am learning.  And I am beginning to experiment with some "layering" of colors and I have even taken some stain and "aged" the paint finish.  Kind of cool looking.   My next experiment is with the different waxes.

There are a lot of things you could do with this paint...but start small and remember, do NOT experiment on important pieces.