Bookcase round up....

Get it..."round up." Okay, seriously, I give up trying to come up with clever titles...they aren't clever, they are just corny! 

I love sniffing around thrift stores and flea markets.  I shop those stores like I shop for clothes and shoes....I walk through the store and wait for something to "jump out at me."  Unfortunately I have very little interest in clothes or shoes, but I LOVE unique and interesting pieces of furniture! 

Cropped Round.jpg

I have "googled" every possible description of this piece and can find nothing even close to it.  So I have no idea what style or period it is.  But I think it is so awesome and it gives me a unique and interesting way to display more of my book collection!  


I found this piece in the White Elephant Flea Market in Fayetteville and it is by far the most interesting piece I have ever discovered!  It was in mint condition so I didn't have to refinish it...and at $45, I thought it was a steal. 


I rarely have time to just "leisurely" shop thrift stores and flea markets!  Normally I just drop in for a quick walk through to see if there is anything new and interesting...or something that catches my fancy.  You don't have to take an entire afternoon to dig through these stores...just pop in and walk through...if a piece wants to go home with you, it will make itself known.  For me, shopping in thrift stores and flea markets is like cleaning out a closet...if I have to look at something for more than 10 seconds and ponder its usefulness, I don't need it! 

For some people, and especially novice DIYers, it may take a little longer to "see through" the grunge or imagine how a piece can be repurposed....but over time you will find that the more you have to "think" about a piece, the less likely you are to like it no matter what you do with it.   

Happy hunting!!!