Pathetic little shed no more....

Time flies... I didn't understand why my 4-5 year old shed looked so pathetic and was already showing signs of rot in places...then I realized that it was actually 9-10 years old and had never really had a makeover other than adding some little window planters!

I didn't want a "typical" storage building in my backyard.  So when I bought the "kit" at Meek's originally and contracted them to build it, I had them put a higher pitch on the roof and use architectural shingles.  I designed a cute little "cottage" style door for them to build and I also added two inexpensive windows and shutters. Cost a few pennies more, but is much more attractive than your typical storage building!!!  

But now it is time to spruce up the little place.

I really just wanted to paint the shutters and door black, but as you can see, the door had a few a serious case of rot!  As did the siding on the side...and I have always wanted to add little "scallops" above the door and paint the hinges black and add cute little lantern style light fixtures...

Even the simplest little projects turn in to complete "rehabs" around here!!!

But that is when you learn that doing this stuff is not THAT difficult! Sometimes the only thing stopping you from making a change is FEAR of it being too do you eat an bite at a time ;)  

How do you start a project....just be willing to take the first bite!!!!

So we begin...I took down the shutters...marked them on the back so I would know where they go (remember...paint fumes cause memory issues...this has nothing to do with age!) Gave them a good little bath and then used good ole' spray paint!  Beautiful!

I also took all the screws from the shutters and the hinges, stuck them in an old styrofoam lid, and sprayed them with black paint!!  Easy way to paint screws to match!

I pre-primed and pre-painted all the trim I was going to be using on the building and door.  I still have to caulk and do paint touchup after it is installed, but it makes that job a little easier!!!

I took the door off and left the hinges attached to the trim on the building...but I have always wanted the hinges black, so I taped them off and sprayed them with black spray paint as well.  The siding on the side of the building had some "rot issues" from years of standing water, so I chipped away the rotted material and put a new piece of trim along the bottom of the building to "hide" the rot. (Before you do this, make sure the area is now VERY dry and there are NO termite issues...look for little ant creatures with wings or their little "tracks" in the wood.  If you see ANYTHING that is remotely suspicious, call your termite company!)

On to the fun part....rebuilding the door.  Unfortunately, I was so focused I didn't take pictures along the way.  But I basically used the old door as a "pattern."  Any time you need to replace or rebuild, examine closely what is there....what materials were is it put together.  Fortunately, this door was a pretty easy read for I bought the materials, measured, cut, glued and nailed.  And presto...I have a new door.

After cutting the door out of the wood siding material, I had enough left over to make the little scallop things I wanted to put above the door.  This took a little creativity, but I had made a scallop fascia for a little cabinet I made for my daughter years ago, so I pretty much knew how to make it.  I took 6" strips of the leftover wood siding material, used a coffee can to mark the scallops and then cut them out with a jig saw!  I then installed them on the little building by overlapping one row on top of the other and painted them!   No biggy!

I added some little lantern style fixtures! (they don't REALLY work....there is no electricity in the building...but they are kinda cute! But I think I need bigger ones) 

I still need to repaint the little porch railings...and I can't wait to get the planting done in the beds...but all in do time!

For now, the MAJOR work is done! And my little garden shed has new life!

This may seem like a HUGE and daunting task for a novice DIYer.  But seriously, if I can do this YOU CAN DO IT!  Before you can complete any rehab or makeover, you just have to START IT!  Take it slowly and examine what is already there...but conquer your fear and start!

My father did not teach me to rebuild a storage building door.  He didn't teach me to make scallop siding...he didn't teach me to tile or sheetrock or install hardwood on my stairs.  He taught me to look at something you want to change and figure out what you have to do to change it!  Really if you think about it, DIYing is kind of like life...if you don't like something change it...but you have to be willing to take the first bite! And honestly, if you get stuck, you have to be willing to ask for help when the going gets tough....but never quit or give up!

We are soooo fortunate to have the can Google just about anything and find a ton of places that will tell you how to do just about anything!  They may differ in some respects, but that is where you have decide what you are comfortable doing....and what makes sense for the project you want to complete!  

Dad didn't have internet...he just had a lifetime of experience and knowledge...I get very sad when I think of all he took with him.  I am grateful for the knowledge he gave me...but more than anything I am grateful for the confidence he gave me to start any project and figure it out!  

If I can give you just a "smidge" of that confidence, you will have received a tremendous gift!