Closet madness.....

I always envy the organized closets with all the cute little matching boxes.  But I know me...if I had cute little matching boxes, I would throw crud in there, and I would have NO idea what was in each box....labels mean very little to me.  So for me, the easiest way to organize my hall closet was to use clear storage boxes. I can pretty much see what is in every box.  If I need hot glue, I just take out the box with hot glue!

I also found this nifty closet door shelf system on via Pinterest.  It was very easy to build from 1x4 and 1/2x2 and spray paint white...anchor to the door with toggle bolts!  No biggy.


I use it to store my baking pans and candles and such.  When I built it, I measured the things I knew I wanted to store in it and basically set the shelves so those items would you can see, I made a larger shelf on the bottom to accomodate the bigger serving trays and smaller ones at the top for candles and such.

However, the thing is VERY I would not put it on a bifold or sliding doors. And I found it necessary to put an extra long screw in all three hinges on the door just to make sure it was secure.  Most hinges on interior doors are only anchored into the 3/4" door jamb.  If you hang a heavy object on the door, it is going to cause it to "drag" on the side that closes...that is why you need to put one longer screw in each the screw is actually anchoring into the rough frame of the door, not just the door frame.   See, they don't tell you these things so you go to all the trouble to make something like this, then your door won't close or it "drags."  And you are bummed...but it is a relatively simple fix!

I actually made two and put one in my garage for extra cleaning supplies and such.  Nifty little things that are good for storage...would be great behind a utility room door if you have the wall space or in a bedroom closet...since they are made out of 1x4 material, they are less than 4" deep!

But again...I do envy the pretty matching boxes and the closets that make you go "AHHHHHH!"  But in a real and practical world, clear boxes that allow me to actually SEE what is in it makes more sense.  Not as pretty, but sooooo much easier to find the things I need.  I use the same system in my garage...helps me stay organized but allows me to see what I have at a glance!