Black doors...


As you see from my "to do" list, I have a few things I need to get done around here.  Today I am finishing up the nasty dresser I brought home last week (not even on my list) and I am finally making the pillows that have been piled on my dining room table for a week.  So later, maybe tomorrow, I will post about those two projects...for today I thought I would post the project I STARTED last that, I mean I still have the entire upstairs to do, but ohhhh what a difference it made downstairs.

Just Google "interior black doors"!  Oh. My Goodness.  Beautiful!

hall before.jpg

Last fall I saw a thing on Pinterest about painting door knobs.  Thirteen years ago, brass was fab...not so much now and at $20 a pop, I wasn't about to change out all my interior door knobs.  So I took them all off, primed and painted them black with spray paint.  Looked pretty cool...

....until I saw some pictures of ALL black interior doors.  Now THAT is cool!

entry before.jpg
office before.jpg
entry after.jpg
office after.jpg

Painting ALL your doors may seem like a daunting task.  So start out one room at a time.

All my doors were already painted with a good quality oil based trim paint (AKA alkyd paint) I choose to use oil base when I painted them black. If your doors are already painted with latex, use latex. Again, latex paints are MUCH better than years past!  (Word of advice, if you are every changing the "type" of paint, make sure you prime FIRST! You can "tint" your primer so you only have to do one coat of the actual paint) Black is a VERY difficult color to mix, so I bought a premixed black in SATIN finish at Sherwin Williams.  I used a foam roller and high quality paint brush.  I made sure to tape off all the hinges and knobs.   Also, trust me...the first coat will look beyond AWFUL!  Patience...paint a second coat before passing coat of black on white WILL NOT cut it.  

Regardless of what kind of paint you use, always put paper (newspaper works great!) or a drop cloth under the me, black oil based paint is TOUGH to get off any type of floor (which is why I have black speckles under my doors....grrrr)

Both the boys (yes my adult boys still "claim" their rooms!) want their closet doors red....I think it will look awesome, so I will do all the upstairs bedroom doors in black and their closet doors in red...someday...maybe.  I am kind of hoping this fad passes before I actually get to it.  After all, the only people who go up there are the kids....I only go up to retrieve dishes and dirty clothes...and that's only because I run out of dishes and don't want to get hit with 10 loads of laundry all at once!

Off to finish pillows and the dresser....busy day!  

This is the first time in three months I haven't been busting it every day at the apartments....nice to finally have a little time at home to get some things done!!!