Easy bottle cleaners!

Sometimes I don't take "before" pictures because I am not sure what I am doing will work!

But this little trick DID work so I will just share what I did.

I keep a baby bottle brush on hand to clean out small bottles and glassware and it always seems to do the trick! But this week I picked up two large glass jars with small "mouths" that were pretty cruddy. I soaked them for a good while to try to remove all the gunk inside and used mineral spirits to get the label gunk off the outside, but I just couldn't get the insides clean. 

My baby bottle brush was too short for these large jars so I had to figure out a way to scrub out the inside. And I didn't dare stuff a cloth or sponge down inside least it wouldn't come out!


This is one of those "think outside the box" times. I cut down a scrubby sponge, pierced it with a long wood skewer and PRESTO...

Instant bottle scrubber. I was able to reach all the gunk inside and clean them right up!!!

I think a coat hanger would work as well because you can bend it to fit the curves of the bottle...but I didn't need to do that. The skewer worked just fine!

And there you have it...a simple way to scrub out a large glass jar! You're welcome!

This week, between painting and repairing apartments, I have been working on recovering the club chair and ottoman in the living room.

After DAYS of stripping and ripping and sewing, I told Brian if I EVER mentioned reupholstering anything to immediately take me shopping...seriously, if you ever wonder why it costs so much to have something reupholstered, just try it!!!! Right now I am laying in bed counting the hours until my chiropractor opens and kicking myself for getting rid of that hot wax hand dip gadget. It's a good thing I really LOVE this chair! HOPEFULLY, I will have it done next week and can share!