Old shop cart transformation....

Sometimes you have to look really hard to see the treasure lurking beneath all the gunk and layers of paint. 

This piece is a prime example....

I bought this old shop cart with metal castors at an auction several weeks ago. It was covered in decades of grease, grime and several layers of paint. My original plan was to clean it up and fix it up a bit to be used in a shop. 

After a good scrubbing, I began stripping the top with my favorite finish stripper.... 1/2 acetone-1/2 lacquer thinner. My original intent was to completely strip the top and then apply a stain and poly.

After stripping off a majority of the top paint layers, I started sanding....and that is when I discovered that this table didn't want to be hidden away in an old shop...it wanted to be a beautiful butcher block island! 

(I apologize for the pictures! I had fully intended to take it in the house and stage it all pretty...again, more doing, less froo-frooing! These were taken with my phone after I took it in to my booth!)

Even after stripping and sanding, the grain of the wood held onto an amazing "patina" that was so warm and beautiful I decided to leave it. I applied 3 coats of butcher block oil to hydrate and preserve the wood. No stain...this is just the natural color of the aged wood that was hiding under the layers of gunk and green paint! 

I applied a chalk paint treatment on the base and distressed it a tad so the green "peaked" through a tiny bit. After painting and distressing, I sprayed it with poly. Again, poly tends to "yellow" a tad which gives the new paint an aged look, as well as seals! The inside of the drawer was pretty nasty, so I scrubbed it with ammonia and gave it a KSTP treatment!

This is not some fancy antique...just an old shop cart made out of pine. But it is absolutely beautiful and I think after years of being hidden away in a shop covered in gunk and grease, it deserved a little love! I honestly would have kept it if I had a place for it! 

Again, don't turn your noise up on a piece that has years of neglect and abuse. Maybe, just maybe, there is a beautiful "soul" just waiting for you to reveal!