Decorating with knock out roses, ironstone, cookbooks and wood box seasonal displays...

If you have read this site long enough, you know I am not into "froo-froo" stuff. I like pretty, but I decorate with things I really love or has meaning...I don't want something just to "have" it. 

So most of what I buy at the auctions immediately go into my booths. I love the beautiful china, glass, and antiques I often buy, but I have "collectables" and antiques I have inherited from my is all beautiful and has meaning.

These are just a few trinkets I took to my booth this past week! I bought the little wood folding chair so I would have extra seating...then decided I really don't want to store it! I have two more in the garage that need to be refinished or painted...maybe I'll keep those! I had the green retro bread box in my laundry room for coupons and decided it was just a place for me to toss stuff so I wouldn't have to deal with it. I love the little wooden rake tool box I made, but again, just another thing lying around that takes up space...cute, but I have enough "stuff" piled up...don't need more! I bought two antique is in my room, this one will be sold. The other will probably eventually get sold as well!

One thing I won't do is put something in my booth that is chipped or broken. Sometimes I buy boxes or flats of glassware at auctions and some of it may be unsellable because of its condition. I usually donate those pieces. 

One little piece caught my attention recently...a beautiful little ironstone creamer. I know it is ironstone because it is "heavy" compared to its size, even though it doesn't have a readable mark on it. Unfortunately the bottom had several chips.

Then it dawned on me...I always want to cut my knock out roses for the house but they are tiny little things with "weak" stems. I never have a way to display them because I don't have any tiny bud vases that would work for tiny flowers.

The little ironstone creamer is PERFECT!

It is small enough to hold the delicate little roses and looks darling on my kitchen counter.

The yellow bowl with the onion in it is one that belonged to one of the grandmothers! (I left the onion in the bowl so you could get an idea of how small the little creamer is!)

The cutting board belonged to my maternal grandmother that I refinished (featured here).

You may have noticed the 1997 Southern Living cookbook. That was the year my youngest daughter was born. Recently, I found the 1988 and 1989 books in an antique store...those are the years my sons were born! I have those displayed now as well! My oldest daughter has the 1981 book that belonged to my Grandmother. I'm sure someone in the family has the '88, '89 and '97 years, but I have no idea who or I just bought these when I found them!

I started buying and displaying the holiday Southern Living books several years ago as well! They are so pretty and make great holiday kitchen decor! 

I like recipe books and I have a few favorites but truthfully, they usually only have a few "great" recipes in each. But these books have a little meaning since they are dated on the cover! Not sure if any of the recipes are any good because, honestly, I don't think I have ever looked through them!

Someday I may just have to do that!

While I was putzing around, I decided to dress up my seasonal box a tad. I had not done anything with it since the holidays.

Not feeling very creative, I bought a spray of sunflowers (50% at Hobby Lobby...$3), separated the stems and stuck them in the box. 

This is an old wood box I bought at an auction (I see them all the time at flea markets!) I stuffed it with newspaper, stuck some cut tree branches in it, layered the top with dried moss and then added pine cones from my yard!

In the fall I dress it with fall foliage....


During the Christmas holiday, I dress it up with ornaments and such....

IMG_0398 copy.JPG

It is a versatile little box and allows me to decorate for the season with little effort! 

It is one of my few "froo-froo" pieces. No real "sentimental" value but I love it!

My kind of decorating!

Speaking of decorating...I FINALLY decided to add some color and pazazz to my dining room decor...what little there is. Can't wait to share!