Simple decorations for the cabinets...

Last week I featured the Christmas lighting above my kitchen cabinets.

When I added the Christmas lights, I felt like I should spruce it up a bit for the holidays. 

Fortunately I had some left over ornaments, glass beads and some berry stems I usually just stick in a crystal vase!

Since I was adding glass beads and ornaments to the vase, I decided to put the berry picks in something to hold them in place, as well as take up a little space.  I used a paper towel roll cut down to size, stuck the berry picks in the roll and then I poured the beads and smaller ornaments around it!  

The last few years I have been buying the Southern Living holiday cookbooks for my daughter and myself.  They have some great recipes and they are great for displaying because the covers are so festive and beautiful. I display the most current on a plate holder on my counter and the others are displayed on top of my cabinets....

HINT!  When you are taking down your decorations after the season, use a sharpie, ziplock bags and masking tape to label where everything goes....put all the beads and ornaments in bags, use tape on garland, wreaths and bunches of picks and sprays, and mark the underside of all your display pieces. 

There is no reason to break the bank when decorating for the holidays.  Use what you have.  Shop after the season clearance and garage sales.  You would be surprised what you can buy for practically nothing!

I bought all these ornaments and the little metal trees on 90% clearance in MARCH last year!!!  I bought boxes of holiday glass beads on 75% clearance at Pier 1 several years ago. And of course the holiday cookbooks are something I have been collecting for the last few years...but they are also something I see all the time at garage sales...for pennies!

I buy seasonal decor throughout the year...on clearance, at garage sales and auctions and then I stick them up in the attic.  Every year I add one or two little me, before you know it you will have more than you know what to do with!