Little stool before and after....


Actually, I am the one psyched...or rather psychotic.  I am so annoyed right now.  It doesn't help that I have poison ivy IN MY EYE and after three days of fighting it with drops and topical ointment, (which I KNEW wouldn't work because when I get poison ivy I have to treat it as if it is a terminal disease!) I am now taking massive doses of prednisone which makes me anxious, cranky and just generally weird!  Which might all explain why, after a day of taking tons of "before and after" pictures, I didn't notice that my camera said "NO CF CARD."  In other words, all the "before" pictures I took of the little foot stool, the light fixtures, the shelves at my booth....EVERYTHING...nothing.  I got nothing here!   

Sooooo, let me try to share this nifty little foot stool WITHOUT a fricking before picture!. 

As usual, it was pretty rough.  When I delivered MaryAnn and Kenny their chairs (here), she gave it to me, so I don't want to insult her by saying it was "nasty." (Although, it kinda was.)  Old nobby, worn fabric and the little feet were pretty beat up.  To her credit she bought it for her doggy so he could get up in the bed.  They had two labs, and they were their babies! They lost both several years ago, so anything that is a reminder of Ozzy or Harley is pretty rough on it came home with me.

I have been following  I found them through and I love their stuff.   When I saw the grain sack fabric, I knew it would be perfect for this little footstool!.

And it is!!!! 


It is hard to see the texture in the pictures, but it has a really nifty soft "vintage" texture. I wanted the blue stripes but they were out, so I got the red.  It is more a "reddish brown" but it looks awesome with the little feet I stripped and stained.  When I was cleaning out my storage building a few weeks ago, I found a can of "Rosewood" stain.  Kind of a reddish brown color... a cross between mahogany and walnut....really beautiful, rich color and perfect for these little feet! 

So there you awesome "before and after" with no before!  So as usual, just trust me...huge improvement!  

As for the light fixtures and bookcase, just forget it...heck, I think they look awesome, but I can't see anything right now, so who knows. 

And if there are typos in this post, deal with it.  When I can see again I will be mortified, but for now I am too cranky to care! 

Hate is not an emotion I allow myself to harbor...but I really do strongly dislike poison ivy.....