If you haven't discovered this great website ( take time to check them out.  

I purchased the linen grain sack material I used to cover this little foot stool from the site.  

If you sign up for their email alerts, they will send you their "daily deals."  They have awesome prices on some very nifty pieces!   

This weekend I ordered two awesome little galvanized steel caddies... 

I also ordered some little chalkboard stands and a beautiful bird feeder...can't wait to get them!  

The deals usually only last for a day so you will want to sign for the email alerts so you can see what is being offered!  Shipping is always $5 per item, so the cost is reasonable! And they take Paypal so buying is (unfortunately) very easy if you have a Paypal account! 

You can also "like" them on facebook and their daily deals will show up on your news feed.   

It is a great way to find some truly interesting decor elements!