Timeless Treasures!! Midtown Eclectic Mall opens Saturday!!!

Well, it has been four hard days of moving, organizing and pricing...but it finally all came together and it looks pretty spiffy!  

Everyone helped move the big stuff in Sunday. My daughter Katie and Kaitlyn have both been a big help the last three days, organizing, staging and pricing everything and it was great to have the help and the company!   I am soooo grateful for them!

Here are a few pictures of the booths.  I have two booths and ended up having to put items in an "overflow" booth...so basically THREE spaces...and they are all full!  My goal is to work everything in the overflow booth into the two main booths!  If the space gets rented I have to move the items to another space. As much as I would like the entire flea market to sell out, I really don't want to have to move just yet.  Hopefully I will sell soooo much this week I will have space in my booths for the "overflow" stuff...hope, hope!  


Over the "main booth" I hung this sign...it is a plank of walnut that I sanded, oiled and painted!  Beautiful!  

I ordered cute little business cards from Vistaprints.com.  They make great price tags....I just punch a little hole in the corner and tie them on the items with ribbon or string.  I ordered return address stickers for items that need "stick on" price tags.  (I'm am looking at this picture and noticing several items I forgot to price....grrrrr!)

You probably recognize some of the furniture I have featured in the past. I am so excited to have a place to display them, along with all the nifty little trinkets I have picked up at auctions over the last few months! 

This is my Brasilia china hutch...I dread the day someone buys it and I have to move everything out!!!  But that is what this is all about!  

One of my FAVORITE trinket pieces is this blue and white hen. This is one of the pieces I really hate to sell!  It isn't "my style" but I just think she is precious

This is my "outdoor" space.  It is open on two sides and is next to the back door so I decorated it with a lot of "outdoor" pieces.  I have also used some 4th of July decorations throughout the spaces to give it a "patriotic flavor" in honor of our country's birthday next month! 


Somehow I did not get a picture of this cedar bench that is sitting on the left side of the booth.  I bought two at an auction and the wood was all rotted and broken.  So I replaced all the wood slats with new cedar...beautiful! 

This is my overflow booth...Kaitlyn was sooo creative in setting it up!  We couldn't do a lot since I will have to move if the space is rented, but we wanted it to be appealing to buyers!  Great job, Kaitlyn!!! 

This is a primitive mahogany chair I salvaged and rehabbed.  I haven't featured it yet, but it is an AWESOME piece!  The wood was literally bleached white and I sanded all the old finish off and then coated it with 3-4 coats of Danish oil...then reupholstered it!   It turned out so beautiful!  I debated what to do with it...paint it, funky upholstery...but in the end I just went natural and simple.  It spoke to me.... 

I'm pretty proud of the way it all turned out.  Unfortunately now I don't want anyone to touch anything...lol!  But I'm sure I will change my tune when (or if) things begin to sell!  After all, I do this so others can surround themselves with things they love!  And my hope is that there are others who will love ALL this as much as I do...because that is what I look for when I go to sales and auctions...things I love!!!