Auction Addiction....

"Hi, my name is Beck and I am an auctionolic." 

Seriously...I'm not making light...I have issues. 

Saturday, Kaitlyn and I were all set to refinish some of her furniture and a dresser I have...we pulled everything into the driveway and started filling holes, sanding, staining.  NO auction action.  I had just cleared out the majority of my garage and was content to sit back and wait until things began to sell in my booths before I bought MORE stuff. 

Then Matt's is always friends or family who bring you down...or at least dangle an unbearable temptation. 

He had gone to an auction and bought a box of Mason and Atlas jars for me...he knows I love the jars.  Only problem was he had riden his motorcycle so I had to go pick them up...and that was that.  

I got there only to find myself swimming in trailer loads and buildings full of fabulous stuff going for pennies on the dollar.  I just love the bidding action and the flow of the people and having the winning bid on a fantastic item!

Kaitlyn spied one of those fabulous old iron Singer manual sewing machine bases.  Heavy iron and just beautiful...I've seen them turned into tables and selling for well over $100.  She has desperately wanted one for some time, but they really are a tad pricey.  So I told her we would bid up to $30. (I am good at setting reasonable limits and sticking to it!!!)  Fortunately, NO ONE bid against up and we ended up getting it for $5...we were both just floored.  And she and Matt scored on a beautiful little metal and glass patio set for $35 yesterday.  Just too many bargains to be had at auctions! 

Anywho, that little box of jars ended up costing me my entire afternoon and two trips to bring stuff home... did I mention the auction was AN HOUR AWAY!   

Sooooo, my garage is AGAIN full and I have boxes of nifty stuff to clean and price!

On the upside, I went to an auction yesterday and managed to get out with just two little things!  I can control myself when I sit between Brian and Matt and they hold my arms down! 

I decided months ago I was going to have to start a Pinterest support group...I guess I will just have to start one for auctionolics as well.  

Brian keeps calling me a hoarder...I know I am not that...I will gladly part with everything I buy.  Truth be told, I am buying things I love for OTHERS...not to keep!