I planned on posting these projects earlier but have had so much going on I forgot about they are already in the booths!  But here is a closer look at a few projects!

I picked up a simple little side table at an auction a few weeks ago (no I did NOT take "before" pictures!!! Dang it!)  I wasn't sure what to do with it until I found some precious watermelon platters at another auction! 

Inspiration!  And the really great thing is I already had this green paint! 

Too cute!!!  


And I put together several pieces that will make decorating for our country's birthday a snap!!!

Honestly, I didn't set out to do "patriotic" just so happens I got in that "groove" and the next thing I know I have several pieces perfect for the 4th! 

My intention on the little red table was to paint it with white chalk paint and sand it so the red would show through.  That worked great on the legs and bottom shelf but when I began to sand the top ALL of the paint began to peel off in sheets.  So I stripped the top, stained it, and put 4 coats of tung oil on it!  Beautiful!  Sometimes "oops" turns out for the best!

The little stool was blue and red with a Christmas angel on the top.  A little while chalk paint, sanding and a patriotic stool is born!  And the sign...honestly it was leftover cedar from a cast iron bench I am restoring....I glued the boards together, lightly spritzed it with blue paint, painted some white stars and sanded it!  I may leave it as is or I may string white and red burlap ribbon below it...kind of a "flag" thing!  Not will "speak" to me! 


It seems like the projects are never ending when you bring home stuff every week from auctions...but I really am enjoying myself!   

So glad I have somewhere to go with it...because as much as I really do LOVE all these pieces, I just have no room!! 

All of these pieces are featured in my booths.....