Little stool...

I have bought so much at auctions and sales that I sometimes forget to take before pictures of the little items!

I bought a little stool at an estate auction a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention and hadn't really looked at the little guy...just saw it from a distance and before I knew it, I bought it.

Unfortunately, it was poorly constructed so it required some reconstruction.  The wood base was MDF which doesn't hold up well to a lot of wear and tear.  So the legs were major wobbly and the fabric was, well, blah.  And it had this really disgusting "fringe" stuff on it.

But it had good iron legs....and the nice thing about buying something like this is the "template" is already there.  So I deconstructed it, used the MDF base as a template for a new wood base, painted the legs black  and recovered the whole thing in a brighter, cheerier fabric!  

Cute as a bug.  This is one of those items I doubt I recoup my time and materials, but it is a cute little piece that will draw attention and hopefully will go to a home where it will be that it is sturdy enough to actually sit on!

I also made a little cork board to match the stool.  I painted a frame a pretty yellow and covered cork board and backing with the stool fabric!