Wonderful waterfall...

I love the waterfall dressers...and some day I will find one I can afford.  They aren't really my "style" but they are beautiful and when they have been properly restored, they are breath taking!  

For now I will just have to be happy with this little guy!  Picked him up at an auction and he was priced right since he had some pretty serious issues with his veneer!

As with most old pieces, the varnish was pretty "dark," so it was difficult to see the beautiful detail on the drawers...but I knew it was there...just waiting! And someone had painted the copperish handles black.  

This is a picture of the drawers after the old varnish has been stripped with Formby's furniture stripper.  The left has a light coat of dark walnut stain and I thought that gave the drawers a nice rich look!

Normally I would NEVER paint a piece like this but since the veneer was chipped, I really had no choice.  I repaired the chipped veneer with a little wood filler, painted the box with two coats of plaster paint, sanded and coated with a few coats of clear finish.  I put 3 coats of tung oil on the drawer fronts after stripping and staining them! I could have changed out the hardware, but I love the charm of the original pieces. So I soaked them in the crock pot to get all the paint off and then shined them up with baking soda and lemon juice!

Again, this is really not my design "style" but I really do love how this turned out....and someone will love it!  And honestly, it is nice to find a way to rehab these old pieces after they have been soooo abused.

Turns out someone DOES love it...Kaitlyn...she has been eyeballing it since I finished it and yesterday I made her take it home. She loves it and that is exactly where it needs to be...with someone who loves it!