Glorious spring!

Fall is by far my favorite time of year, but spring is a close second!  

Earlier I posted about my love for hostas...the only problem I have (other than the slugs that I try to jump on early!) is I am running out of room to divide and plant!  Hostas can't take a lot of direct sunlight, so you have to plant them in shady areas...hence my problem...too many hostas, not enough shade!

I started planting hostas when I first started flower gardening in this yard 13 years ago...and every year I would divide and transplant the bigger, stronger ones!  Now they are just crazy big and I am running out of room.

This year I divided three by my fountain and planted them over by the storage building!  Believe it or not, both these pictures are AFTER I had taken a spade shovel, divided a little chunk of the existing hostas and transplanted can't even tell!  Which is why you have to do it early, just as they start to poke their little heads up!

"Parent" hostas.....



And this is a hosta I transplanted into a pot...thought I would experiment and see if it will winter well before I transplant more into pots.

BTW, this is an old pot I "rescued" from an abandoned garden and spray painted.  I knew it would probably chip and wear from the elements, but I kind of like the look!

Last year Kaitlyn and I put in a new flower bed, something I promised myself I wouldn't do anymore, but I just couldn't get grass to grow in this area.  I didn't want to plant anything that required a LOT of maintenance, so I went with knock-out roses.  These little roses can take sun or partial shade and provide an abundance of flowers spring, summer and fall and are relatively easy to care for throughout the year!  

With all the work I am doing in my garage to get ready to go into the flea market, I have to remember to take time to "smell the roses."  Okay, they don't really smell, but they are wonderful to look at!

The bulk of the planting is done, the weather is still cool and we are getting rain every week...perfect time of the year to get out and enjoy!