Master closet makeover....

I'm almost too tired to type...this was a chore but the reward is being able to swipe "master closet" off the dry erase board on the fridge!!!

That and soooo much more storage in my closet.  

When both the boys left for college, I basically gutted their rooms.  I decorated with all their "stuff" and organized everything they left in their closets, but the entire room was paint, flooring, bedding, window dressings!  Everything.  And I even had a tad bit of space to store some of MY stuff!

And then they moved home.  And they brought more stuff!

Anyone who thinks they are going to gain more storage or a hobby or craft room when their kid goes off to college is delusional.  Trust me...first, they leave all their "stuff" and second, they WILL come home!  And that is fine...the rule:  no kids, no spouse, no animals.  As long as they follow THE rule, they still have a room!  

So my closet has to stay pretty organized because it is storage central.  I built a large pantry where I keep all my office/business stuff and our personal "coupon stash."  Yes, I am one of those coupon people...but to my credit I only keep what I know my family  will use in the near future.  The rest is donated to the elementary schools!  Last year I donated over $7000 worth of products!  

I had a few issues with the closet...first, the flooring.  After 13 years, it was pretty nasty.  And I pretty much hate carpet!  So that had to go.  Second, I have 9' ceilings but all the shelving was standard.  So I basically had a TON of wasted space and plenty of room to add another self all the way around the closet.  I had too much "long" hanging space and not enough "double" hanging space.  Honestly, if I would move all my coats to the coat closet, I probably wouldn't need any long hanging space!  I seriously do not own a dress any more.  

So here is the before and after...and then I will add some "in between" pictures in the tutorial.....



It wasn't THAT bad...I'm pretty good at cleaning out closets every so often.  My GOAL was to only put back about 1/2 of what I took out.  But honestly, I clean out my closets and donate about twice a there wasn't that much pack-ratted away!  I just needed more shelving and it was due for a good makeover....



So I have new laminate flooring, 25 l.f. of new shelving, paint,  more hanging space and new lighting.  And a backache, headache and feetache...and I still have a bit of a mess in my office.  But in the long run, I think it is ALL worth it!

I have posted a tutorial here... it will fill you in on exactly what I did!