My daughter has been older than me for several years now...hehe!  Today she turns 32!  Happy Birthday to a very special lady!  Love you bunches!

My girls are at opposite ends of my "child spectrum."  Sarah is 32 and Katie is 15...the two boys are smack in the middle and 19 months apart.  When all is said and done, and Katie turns 18, I will have spent 34 years of my life rearing children.  But I can tell you, it doesn't end when they turn 18 or even go off to college.  I have a 25 and 23 year old who still require  "mothering."  Sarah, not so much...but I think girls are different!

Sarah is a wonderful wife and mother...I am very proud of the woman she is today!  

For Sarah's birthday, I am "remodeling" my closet.  Just kidding...it's not really for her birthday, but I am remodeling my closet.  Adding shelving and shoe storage, redesigning the layout, paint, new flooring and light fixture.  A MAJOR chore to say the least.

But I have learned one very important thing about myself...I could NEVER be a hoarder...you know, those people you see on that television show that hoard and their houses are jamb packed with "stuff" floor to ceiling.

In order to do my closet, I had to take everything out...and it is all stacked in my office.  I have a little path to the bathroom and little path to the living room.  Brian asked me what would happen if I had to get to the kitchen in the middle of the night....I told him that I can honestly say I have never had a "middle of the night kitchen emergency."  Now the bathroom...that could be an issue. 

But after two days of tripping over all the "stuff" that is piled in the office, I know I could never live like that throughout my entire house.  It would drive me mad!!!

The floor is down, the new shelving is done and walls are painted.... now I am just waiting for the trim paint to dry.  When I get it all put back together I will post pictures and a few tutorials that might help you get organized.  This much I know...my need to organize may exhaust me, but if I didn't and I had to live like this all the time....I would never survive!