Framing memories....

I think four days of remodeling my closet and painting trim has taken a toll...I am woooorn out.  So today I will do a little coupon shopping! I HATE clothes shopping but give me a good coupon for shampoo or detergent and I am all over it!

So today I thought I would quickly feature some tidbits from past projects...framing memories!

We all frame pictures and diplomas, but frames come in all shapes and sizes and they are a great way to display a collection of things that have great sentiment...and a great way to decorate!

My youngest son did his solo flight and got his private pilot's license less than a month into his first semester of college.  It is customary for the flight instructor to cut the back off the new pilot's shirt after his solo...and at Henderson, where he went to school and got his license, the FI would decorate the shirt and then display it on the wall!  When he finally brought me his, I framed it with a flight map of the area where he soloed, pictures of the great day, and a color copy of his license.  It was a fun and exciting day!  And it is a joy to have those memories framed and displayed!

Both of the boys played football in junior high and high school. When my oldest was in junior high, a dear friend gave him his framed jersey for Christmas...that started a "tradition" of framing their jerseys!

My oldest son played in college and over the years I have framed his jerseys from several meaningful games....included in those frames are pictures from the event, admission tickets, hotel room cards, magazine clippings....anything of significance! Again, it is a great and easy way to display those memories!


I love framing different things and  creating a "photo collage."  When I decorated the boy's rooms after they went off to college, I dug through my momentos folders and found a lot of things that had been rolled up and forgotten years earlier...character drawings, awards, certificates.  

My youngest daughter is still at that age where she wants to create her own display of memories...every once in a while I will sneak in and try to "influence" her displays, but let's be honest...teenagers pretty much like to control their own space!  But some day.....

...her room will become a "museum" of her childhood!  Just like her brother's!

But for now, I think I will just cherish being a part of creating those memories...because every time I walk into my son's rooms, I am reminded of how fast time flies!  

In my posts "Things I Love...."  I share some other things I have framed and displayed over the years.  Again, use your imagination and "think outside the box!"  Chances are you have a whole treasure of meaningful items hiding away in boxes and drawers...decorate with the things you love and you will always love your decor!

Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened!