Noodle boots....

I love Pinterest...but it wears me out!  Always such neat "projects"...and I want to DO IT ALL!  

But there are a few nifty little tidbits here and there that are not difficult and require very little effort. One suggestion I saw was putting pool noodles in boots!  Seriously nifty idea and since I am on my master-bedroom-closet-remodel-kick, this is the perfect time to do this kind of thing!

Just so happens I stopped by a garage sale this morning and picked up a pool noodle for TWENTY FIVE CENTS!  They aren't a huge expense, but that was a pretty good bargain.  One noodle will do two pairs of boots!


Just cut the noodle with a pair of scissors and stuff the pieces into your boots!

I'm not a big shoe shopper but I do pay good money for my boots...and storing them properly will add years to their life!

Not a big life changer, but a neat little "tip."