Sweet dreams...

I am soooo annoyed.  This is the 3rd or 4th time I have written a witty post, only to accidentally delete it...grrrrrr.  Seriously, this stuff can not be THAT hard. So here we go again...only I am certain it won't be near as witty as it was the first time!

I am always a tad envious of the beautiful bedding displays in magazines and on HGTV....but seriously, who has time to do all that fluffing and stacking and staging in the morning!

As I have mentioned, I have this huge fear that I will be in an accident and people will have to come into my home.  So I make my bed, religiously, every morning.  I sometimes wonder if I was running really late if I would skip making the bed or feeding the dog.  (JUST KIDDING....but it wouldn't hurt her to miss a meal!) Good thing I am an early riser!

So I struggled between a desire to live in "Better Homes and Gardens" world, or find a way to have pretty but realistic.  I live in a real world...it wins every time!

So I took my grandmother's advise...keep it SIMPLE!  And simple it is.  Super comfy sheets, a down comforter, a pretty blanket and of course the "throw" blanket at the end of the bed for the kitties. 


I sleep with FOUR pillows...and I never had decorative throw pillows on my bed until I made all those pillows a few weeks ago and had no where else to put them (here) But I keep it simple...no fancy, frilly shams or froofroo-crud.  Seriously, those things just end up on the floor every night! 

Simple is better...I just get out of bed, straighten up the blankets, fluff and stack my pillows and throw the decorative pillows on there (that added an entire 5 seconds to my routine!)  Seriously, I bet it doesn't take 1 minute to make my bed.

And of course there is Pickles...my panda.  Every girl should have a stuffed critter on her bed ;)

Down comforters are awesome...super warm in the winter and cool in the summer!  Just make sure you buy one that doesn't have to be dry cleaned.  Any woman with animals, children or a husband should not have ANYTHING on her bed that requires dry cleaning!  I just throw mine in the wash every month or so (or when a cat erps on it) and then dry the heck out of it.  I do the same with my feather pillows!!!  And both my blankets are not only pretty, but very functional and can be tossed in the washing machine! 

When my kids were little, they had a fitted sheet and a nice, washable blanket.  No fuss, no muss.  Simple.

In life and parenting, one of my mottos is "PICK YOUR BATTLES."  I want the bed made, and of course I want it to look nice, but am not willing to "fight a battle" every day to make it all "picture perfect."

It is not a battle my kids, or I, are willing to fight....but at least when people come into my home after my accident, they will be impressed that my bed is made!

If you don't think making your bed makes a difference...try it for 2 weeks....seriously, make yourself make your bed EVERY morning for two weeks.  Trust me...it sets a tone!  And if it takes more than 1 minute, you have too much fluff and froofroo!