A new "before and after" by SIS....

Man oh man...what a difference a day...or just a few hours...can make in NW Arkansas.  Beautiful and warm this morning and now it is too cold to even work on my dressers.  Suppose to be in the 40s tomorrow, with a chance of snow...craziness!

Anywho, since I can't project outside and I really don't want to do what I NEED to do IN the house because of this "spring fever" bug I have, I thought I would share one of Sister Sarah's projects.  As I have mentioned, Sarah (my oldest daughter) likes to "project" but with two active boys it is tough.  I remember (and MISS) those days!!  That time in your life when you want to be in the garage sanding and painting, but while you are doing that your youngest is locking himself in the dryer or taste-testing your sleeping pills (yes, that would be my youngest grandson!) 

But she does manage to get in a project or two...so I thought I would share this darling little nightstand she did...


See how a little Kilz and a little paint can make a world of difference! 

Great job Sis!!!

She also used the gel stain I told you about on her bathroom vanity and wall cabinet (see here)...totally awesome transformation.