It's OFFICIALLY April!!!!

Only 2 more weeks until the last freeze...and inspite of the numerous storms that rolled through, it turned out to be a pretty great weekend.  I managed to get my pond cleaned out and the rugs to the car wash and we colored eggs and I even started on my newest projects...two more "nasty" dressers!  Not sure what I will do with them, but I think they want to be nursery I am going to pretty them up fit for a new baby and then find expectant parents who NEED nursery furniture!!!


I managed to get the drawers repaired and put a coat of Kilz on each...but it is Easter and the few who are still here expect a "holiday" dinner.

So I stuck a ham in the oven and prepared my "go to" holiday can find the recipe HERE!  Totally awesome and super easy.  And since we have the eggs we colored yesterday, we have plenty for deviled eggs...a family favorite!

I can't even complain about the rain because we need it!  And after all, it is SPRING!!!

Hope you had a wonderful and blessed weekend!!