April showers....

Okay, so it's not quite April....yet.  But today is a reminder that spring brings unpredictable weather.

I had SOOOO much I thought I needed to do today.  Clean out the pond and install a new pump. Take my area rugs to the car wash.  Finish putting down mulch.  Begin working on the two nasty dressers I brought home (don't ask me what I plan on doing with them!)

Nothing that requires being inside on a rainy day.

Oh wait...yes there is!!!  HAPPY EASTER!  And for the first time in I don't know how long, I have a "want" to color eggs.  Probably the influence of that evil Pinterest...always something sooo cute that I just have to try it.

Like the "crackle" eggs...or the colorful whites of deviled eggs (a family favorite!)

So after my teenage daughter returns from mass this afternoon, we are going to color Easter eggs. 

And the weather cooperated perfectly with the thing that is MOST important...spending time with my teenager doing something we haven't done since she was a little girl. 

I love spring! 

And again, HAPPY EASTER...may this weekend be a reminder of what is REALLY important!