Oh. My. Goodness....I can't believe I found one....UPDATE!

Okay, I told you about my absolute obsession with the mid century Lane Acclaim tables.  So in my quest for all things "mid century" I stumbled upon a line of furniture that literally makes me drool....Brasilia by Broyhill.  Manufactured in the 60s, this line of furniture is absolutely one of the most beautiful and desirable mid century designs floating around right now!   I have always wanted a piece of this line, but honestly I could never find one in my budget!

So when I found a Brasilia hutch online for an unbelievable price, I just knew something had to be wrong with it it!  It was at one of my favorite flea market haunts, White Elephant. Even though I was exhausted and already in my pajamas, I called my son, who lives a few blocks from the flea market, and told him to go stand guard in front of the hutch until I could get there and inspect it. 

Beautiful.  Near mint condition, less a few bumps and bings...but honestly, that is to be expected from someone in their 50s!  And even though I really don't NEED or even want a dining room hutch, I just couldn't pass it up!  Maybe I can trade it for the bedroom hutch I REALLY want!

I took a few days off this week but Monday morning, that puppy will be on it's way to my house! 


It is now in my garage...it ended up costing me about $1200 damage to my truck!  The hutch is still in mint condition...the trailer I used to bring it home can handle a lot of abuse...but the truck...not so much! 

Today's lesson....do not forget you have a trailer on your truck and back out of the drive way.  The corner of the trailer can do some serious damage to a side panel.  Just another helpful hint.