The traditional tree....

To cap off the Christmas season I want to share my Christmas tree.

First, THANK YOU BRIAN!!! For the last few years I have struggled with my tree.  It was a beautiful 9' pre-lit tree, but about 2-3 years ago sections of lights started going out.  I add the large colored lights every year, but I hated having to add the small white lights so I would spend HOURS messing with it trying to get the white lights to work. That just made my whole "tree" process frustrating!

This year Brian surprised me with a brand new 9' pre-lit tree.  TOTALLY AWESOME!  It was up and fluffed and fully lit in no time and ready for decorations.

So again, thank you Brian!  You always know exactly what I need!

Now, on to the decorating!

My tree consists of just a few elements.  The white lights.  The colored lights I add. Draped beading. And ornaments.

That may not seem like a lot, but each and every ornament is special!  When my oldest daughter was a baby, my mother began the tradition of giving her a few special ornaments every year...Lenox, Precious Moments, Thomas Kincaid, etc...most representing something important for that ornament from my parent's travels or an ornament representing a special time or event in the child's life.  

She continued this tradition with each of my children.

A little Lenox moose ornaments the year the boys shot a deer....

A Precious Moments White Sox ornament for Mitchell...

A Jim Shore Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus....

Precious Moment ski ornaments the year we all went skiing.

Beautiful glass globes made from the ash of Mount St. Helens.

A Precious Moments plane ornament for Matt (he is a pilot)...


Boyd's Bear football and baseball ornaments for both Mitchell and Matt..

....the Cinderella glass slipper and Jim Shore "kitty" ornaments for "Kitty Kate." Ornaments for each "baby's first Christmas" and something special the year each graduated from high school and college.  And soooo many more!!!

Every year beautiful and expensive ornaments...each representing a special time or event!  Just too many to photograph and feature...all so very special!

My oldest is now 32 and I have given her all her ornaments!  But I still have the ornaments for my sons and my youngest daughter.  And since they are 25, 24 and 16, you can imagine how many I have since each child has received 2-3 ornaments a year.

It is a spectacular tree adorned with ornaments filled with meaning and love!  

It is one of the many traditions I am so grateful for! And honestly, one I look forward to each year! And while a 3 or 4 year old child may not seemed too thrilled with a simple little ornament, it is a tradition that will mean the world to them when they are older!!

Start your tradition now. Whether it's pajamas on Christmas eve or special ornaments or caroling or reading a special book every Christmas eve!

It is never too late!  Don't think about the years you missed, think about the years to come! It goes by fast and while your children will be hard pressed to remember what gifts they received every year, or whether it snowed, or what you made for dinner...they will NEVER forget the traditions...the special things you do each and every year!