Christmas wreaths....

Christmas wreaths are one of the simplest and least expensive ways to decorate! 

Every year I add a few here and there.  I featured the one I made this year for my funky little clock here.

A few years ago I decided I didn't want to spend so much time and energy stringing garland and ribbon on my I made 6 identical wreaths.  Now I just fluff them up and tie them on! Simple and beautiful!

I decorate my interior doors and dining windows with small "candle wreaths" tied with festive ribbon....simple and inexpensive! And since these are so inexpensive when they are on sale, I don't mind going with a "fad" like teal and green peacock feathers!

In three of the den windows I have large wreaths tied with festive ribbon.

I added these last year. 

And then there is the BIG one above my fireplace. It is hard to tell just how big this thing is because my fireplace surround is massive.  I love that it is lighted so at night it is pretty even when you can't really see all the decorations on it!

Keep in mind, I am NOT a honestly doesn't take a lot of creative talent and ability to make these. A wreath, a little Christmas garland, a few holiday picks and flowers and some festive ribbon.  Simple.

I would suggest finding an "inspiration" piece (check out the blogs or Pinterest), take a picture of it to your local hobby store (don't forget your coupons!) and have the floral design person help you get the supplies you need!  Most hobby stores have someone there who will gladly help you find the garland and picks you will need to achieve the look you want!

I make mine with zip ties or floral wire.  So when I get the urge to change the colors, I simply snip the wire or ties and take everything off the wreath.  

Only ONE week until Christmas!!!!