'Twas the week after Christmas...

...and all through the house, not a creature was stirring...

Except mom because WOW what a mess!!!!

Wrapping paper under couches, leftover food in the fridge, molding bread in the cabinet, dust bunnies breeding under the tv cabinet!  

How does the house go from this...

...to total chaos in just a few hours!!!  


A lot transpires between the early peaceful hours Christmas morning and mid morning when all are in full swing!!!  

First stockings...always fun stuff like screaming monkeys, toys for the little guys, makeup and lotion for the girls and mildly "inappropriate" gag gifts for the older boys! Then breakfast and primping because as I posted earlier, we all shower and primp, put our PJs back on and take family pictures!!  It is usually the only time of the year when I get my entire family in one place at one time and I want a picture!!!

I have TONS of pictures to share, but for some reason my son's camera was set on some kind of format that won't let you pull them into Photoshop or any other program...so I have to wait for him to convert them to jpegs.  (Keep in mind I am still waiting on the video from LAST Christmas!)  But after he does, I will share a few pictures of the family all dolled up in the pjs!!! 

Sarah and family came in Sunday.  There is always last minute shopping to do, baking to be done and cookies to decorate. Mitchell got in early Monday after pulling an all nighter from Phoenix.  

Christmas Eve we made our annual trip to see Santa, which always fun!!!

I do all my holiday prepping and baking two days before Christmas.  Our Christmas day meal consists of meat and cheese trays, dips and chips and lots of desserts...so Christmas day cooking is at a minimum for me...just a lot of setting out and cleaning up!!! And waaaaay too much eating!!!

Sarah and the family went home Christmas day this year so I was able to clean up a little and relax Christmas night for the first time in a week! 

Even with all the hard work, long days and total chaos, I really do enjoy the holiday!  I love that all my kids are "back in the nest." Even if it is just for a short time!

I usually take the Christmas decorations down the week between Christmas and New Years.  But Mitchell won't be leaving until the weekend after the first and he wants it to stay up...so up it will stay!  It just seemed to go by so fast this year due to the late Thanksgiving so another week of "the spirit" is fine with me!

I was thinking the other day that after the holidays there really isn't much to do for the next few months but "hunker down" and wait on spring to arrive!  Even though I will be celebrating a milestone birthday next month, it just seems that January and February are "human hibernation" months.  Honestly, if it weren't for bowl games and the Super Bowl (and of course that horrible need we all have to earn a living) I might just curl up in my bed with a stack of books and not get up until the first daffodil blooms! That is my sign to start prepping flower beds and planning my spring projects!!!

I hope all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and have a fun and safe New Year!