Something old, something new, something borrowed

Something BLUE!!!!

No, not a wedding...CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!!

I kind of look at my heirloom pieces as my "borrowed" since I will eventually pass them along to one of the kids!  And of course I always have my "old" decorations from years past!

This wreath on Pinterest was my inspiration for one of my "something news".... (click on the photo and it will take you to the website with a tutorial!)

I love it and I wanted a wreath to hang over my funky little mid-century leaf clock in the living room.  I wanted to do blue and silver but I guess the "soft blue" isn't in this year so I couldn't find any small light blue ornaments. This is what I ended up with....

A grapevine wreath, crystal covered stick garland, dried baby's breath and ornaments. And a LOT of hot glue!  Mine's a little "fluffier" but I like the fullness of it!

Since I had garland, baby's breath and ornaments leftover, I decided to use it on the fall box I featured here....

All I did was remove the "fall" foliage and sunflowers and stick the Christmasy stuff in it. I am contemplating putting some lights in it but for now I think it is pretty as it is!

And since I had a few of the blue ornaments packed away from last year, I have my "something blue!"

As I have mentioned, I am not really into the  "vintage" decor stuff.  But I like little bits of it here and there. This little box is turning out to be a handy little decorating element...super easy to change with the seasons.  I think in the spring I will stick some daffodils in it and then maybe some big yellow sunflowers in the summer...the possibilities are endless.  My kind of decorating!!!

And while I am at it, I will share my other "new."  Every year when Brian and I go to Colorado I try to pick up a little something Christmasy in one of the many little shops in Georgetown or Breckenridge.  This year it was these little guys...

Little snow birds. Perfect!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.....


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