Well, I ALMOST made it.  I watched the Duke vs. A&M game and didn't get to bed til after 11.  But that was it!  As much as I would love to ring in the New Year, I prefer being hangover and sleep-deprivation free New Year's Day!

Unfortunately the "strep bug" has hit my house and I am feeling a little iffy this morning. I'm hoping it is just post-Christmas fatigue.  Katie has been in bed with it since this past weekend and my grandson had it the week before they came for the holidays.  So who knows.

But just in case, I started taking my Christmas decorations down this morning.  That is an all day (sometimes 2 day) job and the last thing I want to do IF I get sick is sit and stare at work that needs to be done.

I doubt I am the only mom in the world that goes in to overdrive if I think I am getting sick.  I clean the house, throw something in the crock pot and make sure my sheets are washed JUST IN CASE!!!   It's like company is coming, only it is in the form of a nasty bug or virus! 

Fortunately I am a pretty healthy work horse so the worst that happens is I feel like crap for a day or two....I've come to the conclusion that it is probably from the all cleaning and the stress from the THOUGHT of getting really sick. 

Anywho...here is my resolution for the year.  Don't make any resolutions.

Just live in the day and enjoy every minute of it.  Know that some days are going to be rough but don't let those cloud the great days.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope your year starts out wonderful and gets better every day!!

And don't forget your ham, black-eyed peas and greens!  Not sure I really believe in the nonsense, but who wants to take the chance...besides, it is an easy meal ;)