Painting interior doors...

Sometimes when I am overwhelmed by all I need to do, I just cruise around the cyber-world looking at all the cool stuff other people do.  Let's just say I am living vicariously through others! 

I found this lovely lady's website (here) .  She is sharing her home rehab venture and it is awesome.  I've done this...several times.  Of course this was long before "blogging" became vogue...honestly, we didn't even have internet then. Dang, I'm old...

Anywho, the post I linked above is about painting interior doors.  I have visited that subject before (here), but thought is would be a great project to discuss now that cold weather is setting in. 


There are many home projects that are definitely "cold weather" projects!!  Primarily because they don't require work outside. Painting interior doors is a perfect example. Abby, the lady behind "Chapter 37" shares pictures of her painted doors as well as others who have painted their doors.  

If you ask me this is one of the simplest, yet dramatic interior changes one can make.  A "must-have." And again, with cold weather moving it, it is a simple project that can be done on the coldest day.   And remember don't have to do ALL the doors at on them as time allows!

And it is a SUPER cheap project....seriously....paint, a good brush, a little tape, and a 4" foam roller! 

As I noted in my prior post, I used an oil-based paint since that is what is already on my doors.  If you have wood stained doors, I would put a coat of kilz on them first!  And those two products can be a tad stinky.  You might need to open a window or two if you are using Kilz.  Oil-based paints don't bother me much anymore, but may some people.  You don't HAVE to use oil-based paints...the new latex paints are super durable.   Latex (advertised as "water based) Kilz doesn't get a real high rating for me as far as blocking stains, but I think if you are going from stained door to black (or any darker color), you would be okay to use the "non-stinky" latex Kilz.  

The hinges and knobs?  I had someone tell me they were concerned about the "bright brass" hinges.  Trust honestly don't even notice need to change them out.  I had already painted my door knobs black (yes you can paint your door knobs!) 

Just do me a favor...tape off you hinges and knobs BEFORE you paint your doors...nothing annoys me more than sloppy paint on hinges and knobs.  If you insist on painting them, take them off, hit them with metal primer and THEN spray paint them!

If you are looking for more inspiration, just google "painted interior doors."  You will be amazed at all the creativity out there!