Thoughts out the window...

The bad thing about getting older is you simple forget...where you put it, what you went into the room for, when you were suppose to be there, who that really friendly person is who acts like your long-lost best friend...and worse for a blogger, you forget what you were going to write about. 

I thought of something really awesome to write about this morning and now for the life of me I can't remember what the heck it was...cruuuuud. 


Random thoughts for the day.... mind you these are "thoughts"...not things I necessarily have to remember....

It's fall...the trees are breath-taking. 

I looooove having my windows open all the time, even if it means sleeping with the mattress heater on and the covers over my head.  

It annoys me royally when the tree guy stands me up for the second time in as many weeks.  Don't tell me you will be here and then don't show...I planned my whole day around you!  

Don't fall in love with ONE bowl and expect to be able to find the entire set online.  That is my current obsession.  I found 3 bowls while cleaning an apartment.  Turns out it is a Pier 1 pattern of ironstone dishes.  Simple white with a tiny little braid around the rim.  I LOVE THEM!!! Problem is, the only place I can find ANY is on ebay and those people think their stuff is worth a fortune. But seriously, I love these I will continue to do what I did all day today...scrounge around thrift stores until I find them! Someday! 

I learned a long time ago to buy plain white, simple (no design) dishes at Pier One.  This is the result of having children...because dishes break...and before you know it, you are down to 3 bowls, 4 saucers (not dessert plates, saucers) and 5 dinner plates.  Oh, and 12 cups...because NOBODY breaks the cups.  What is up with that!

So I started buying Pier One plain white porcelain dishes...because they always have them and I can always replenish my set when I start running low. Not the case with "sets" of dishes you buy at Penney's or Dillards.  And the great thing is I don't have to buy cups and saucers that I don't need or want.   

I'm the same way with towels and washcloths.....all white.  They can ALL be bleached and it doesn't really matter if they don't match perfectly.  They are white. If I run across some inexpensive white towels at TJMaxx, I can buy them and not have to worry about whether they are the right "shade" of whatever color...they are just plain white.   And if for some odd reason I just happen to accidentally bring a few home from a hotel, they blend right in.

The older you get, the simpler life should be...maybe that is why we "forget."  Your brain just starts filtering out the clutter. 

Speaking of clutter...I started hauling down all the Christmas stuff that I had stored away in the attic.  Man oh man...I forgot how much stuff I actually bought at auctions this year...out of sight, out of mind.  See, the brain really does filter out the clutter...even if it is lurking in the attic!