They're wooking at me!!!

When Matt was a wittle guy, he had trouble with his when he and Mitchell were sitting in the back seat of the car, he would cry, "Mooooom, he's WOOKING at me!"  

Needless to say, he didn't like his big brother wooking at him...which of course only made Mitchell wook at him even more. 

Which is exactly what came to mind when I painted the little eyes on my newest little "craft project."


Oh the memories.... 

Anywho, I saw these little guys in a shop in Georgetown, Colorado.  I thought they were soooo cute, so doing what I do, I came home and made a few.  They are grouped in 3s so I made 7 sets of the elves and 5 sets of the Santas. 

They are made out of round and square dowel rods.  Cut, sand, and paint....too cute! And super simple if you like to sit and paint while you watch TV.

I still have to put little noses on them...and the kids think I should put a little fluffy white tuft on the Santa hats.   

I'll post a picture of them when I finally get them finished. 

Just thought they were kinda cute "wooking" at me...or creepy....hum....